Gucci Flora

Created for ‘The 100 years of Gucci’ group show and auction presented by Gucci and Superrare. Athens 2022


Monochrome Dreams

This piece is part of the 'Monochrome Dreams' series. The story is told from the perspective of female octopus who is love with a pearl diver.

Day by day I'm watching you diving and collecting pearls. Your eyes are ardent like the burn of the medusa. Your hair are like algae flickered by the underflows. Your lips are scarlet like poisonous corals. Your skin is shining like fish scales. I gave you my heart. You are the most beautiful human creature in the ocean. When I sleep, I see you in my dreams. I touch you, I kiss you, I squeeze your hips so tight that you breathe frequently. You fade away as I wake up and I'm looking forward to fall asleep again and see you, my beloved one. Athens, 2022


Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis episodes are among the most terrifying or relaxing experiences that can happen to you. When your brain wakes before your body, you are left in a cage you don’t control, feeling what it means to be impotent against your urge to exert control on your flesh.

Influenced by Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” (1781), Sasha Katz explores the liminal time of when the mind perceives hallucinations, creatures and objects that cannot be detected when it is completely awake, with the series “Sleep Paralysis”.

Lit by a mystical spotlight, white bodies are found half-asleep in dramatic poses, as if they were battling with the minds trying to control them in a way that reminds the “Dying Slave” (1513-1516) by Michelangelo. Black cats, which may be real or not, intertwine with the flesh of the models, becoming a companion that brings uncomfortableness and disquietude.

Exhibited at  Singularity Show at Decentral Art Pavilion during Venice Art Biennale, curated and organized by Florencia S.M. Brück, Javier Krasuk, Diego Lijtmaer and Simone Furian. Athens, 2022